Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil: The Four Major Differences

hemp oil vs cbd oil


Hemp oil vs CBD oil is an increasingly common debate as Americans become more knowledgeable about cannabis and its many medical and therapeutic uses. In 2018, hemp-extract cannabidiol (CBD) became legal nationwide. Hemp seed oil, on the other hand, has been legally sold for cooking, beauty, and various household uses for decades.

Even though cannabis advocacy has made conversations about THC, hemp, and CBD less taboo than in past generations, there is still an abundance of misinformation and lack of understanding among countless people who could potentially benefit from using CBD oil and/or hemp oil.

This blog will explore the modern battle between hemp oil vs. CBD oil by giving an in-depth look at what makes the two different from one another. This comparison will give you a better understanding of which cannabis product is right for your current needs.

Hemp vs CBD Basics

Before learning about the many potential uses of Hemp and CBD, you first have to unlearn the myths that popular culture has spread about cannabis products over the years.


THC is the psychoactive chemical that makes your brain feel funny (“high”) when you smoke or ingest cannabis. Its charming effects are responsible for most of the popular negative dogma surrounding cannabis and its derivatives, but there are many uses for the plant that don’t make you hungry, sleepy, or giggly.

hemp vs CBDCBD Oil

CBD (cannabidiol) is the ingredient that’s responsible for much of the public’s recent cannabis reawakening. From medical miracles for seizures, arthritis, and other chronic pain patients to subtle relief for those who suffer from anxiety and insomnia, don’t sleep on the power of CBD. This sneaky hero can be extracted from both marijuana and hemp plants.


You don’t have to burn or ingest cannabis to make use of it. Hemp provides countless uses for your new favorite plant that don’t include THC or CBD’s effects. In addition to clothing and industrial fabrics, hemp can also produce fuel and dog food.

Hemp Oil and Hemp Seeds

Hemp oil and the seeds it’s derived from have many practical uses including food (hemp seed milk, granola, protein) and cosmetic products.

The Four Differences

Here are four differences to keep in mind when deciding whether CBD oil or hemp oil is right for you.

  • CBD oil has been proven to treat insomnia, anxiety, depression and chronic pain issues with limited side-effects.
  • Hemp oil is great for beauty products including lubricants and cosmetics.
  • CBD oil is being used to reduce epileptic seizures, nausea, and vomiting in chemotherapy patients, and for cancer prevention.


Your current choice on Hemp oil vs CBD does not have to be a final, either-or decision. As humans, our needs change over time, and you may find yourself remembering some of this info in the future moment when you or a loved one can instantly benefit from hemp oil or CBD oil. My Cannibus Products’ specialty is getting the right product to the right customer at the right time.

You may still be asking yourself, “How is hemp oil different from CBD oil and which one is best for my particular needs?” The knowledgeable and friendly specialists at My Cannibus Products can break down more info on CBD hemp oil vs. CBD oil.


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