Does CBD oil make you high?-Your question answered

Opting to b uy CBD products that come from the hemp plant will have a low THC (the property of a marijuana plant  )  content naturally. There is  no need to be concerned about the side effects or legality. Does CBD oil make you high? By the end of this article you will know the difference.                                                              cannabis make you high

CBD oil from hemp vs Cannabis

Both hemp and cannabis (the kind that gives you a high) come from different species of the same plant. The name of this plant is Cannabis sativa L. or marijuana. While both cna be considered cannabis, differnces in cultivation  render them with different properites.

Cannibus is bred to have a high THC content

The species of cannabus that is commonly known to have psyhchedelic properties has been bred to have the highest tetrahydrocannabiinol (THC) possible. This is because users want  to use the plant to get high. Currently THC of  certain strains is higher than 30% which makes it stronger than ever.

Hemp will have a higher CBD potency

CBD oil made from  hemp is grown using the stalk and or the seed of the plant.This has a lower THC than the flower or leaves of the plant. By definition hemp plants  have less than .3% THC dry weight. This would not be enough to get high. Nor would it be illegal under federal law.


In conclusion–3 Reasons  why people like CBD oil

–Convenience, since CBD oil is widely available

— potency, since CBD oil is higher in hemp than in cannabis

—- guaranteed non psychoactivity since CBD oil  does not contain THC and will not get you “high” or “paranoid”.




William Ewing

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