Can I Get CBD Oil On Amazon?

Everyone can agree that Amazon is a great place to find any product you’re looking for. Anything you want and Amazon has a vendor willing to ship it to you in two days. However, if you’re looking to buy CBD oil there are a few things you should know. In this post, I am going to explain Amazon’s Terms of Service, how not to get duped into buying hemp seed oil and alternative ways to buy CBD oil. In short, I will answer the question, can I get CBD oils on Amazon?        how-do- i-buy-CBD-oil-online

Amazon’s Terms of Service

Amazon has strict rules regarding selling pure CBD oil. In short, Amazon does NOT allow the sale of CBD oil. Amazon specifically lists “rich hemp oil containing CBD ” as being on the list of prohibited listings. Alternatively, vendors offer products labeled “hemp oil” or “hemp seed oil” or mistakenly, ” cannabis oil” to the unsuspecting consumer who seek the health benefits of real CBD oil. A search in Amazon’s Search Bar comes up with over 800 results. Not one of them contains actual cannabidiol or CBD.

Don’t get Fooled into Buying Hemp Seed Oil

What are you actually getting? At best you’re buying organic cold pressed hemp seed oil, which is similar to olive oil but misleadingly labeled ” hemp extract.” The only common denominator between hemp seed oil and CBD oil is that it is made from the same plant but they are quite different. As hemp oil is known for its essential fatty acids, such as Omega-3 and Omega-6, it does not contain the cannabinoids found in pure CBD oil. So, many unsuspecting customers buy these products thinking they are CBD oil when they are not. If you browse the reviews of these products on Amazon, you’ll find many complaints from people who feel duped–don’t be one of them.

Is it still possible to get a product containing CBD oils on Amazon? Yes, sometimes a third party seller will list a product that says it contains CBD. However, they are doing so in violation of Amazon’s terms of service, that will result in having their seller account terminated. Plus, you won’t be able to verify the CBD oil content, since they won’t show third party lab reports.

Some product descriptions are designed to evoke thoughts of CBD oil with statements such as ” relieves chronic pain”, “hemp extract” or ” reduces anxiety”. These are some benefits of actual CBD oil. The blame is not on the consumer, who always turn to Amazon when they want to purchase something. The blame lies partially on Amazon, who allows this kind of language with companies listing products in such a way that leads uninformed customers to buy useless products.

Alternative Ways to Get CBD Oil Online

I recommend that if you’re looking to buy CBD oil on Amazon, to avoid buying it there because of the reasons discussed above. Instead, buy directly from a reputable company online where you can be assured you are getting a product with CBD oil in it. You’ll be buying from a company that stands behind its products and can address any customer service or product issues. Good companies disclose where they source their CBD, the kind of extraction (CO2), whether it s full spectrum (preferred) and their third party lab reports. Also, it should not contain any THC ( found in marijuana). I wholeheartedly support CBDPure who does all of the above and suggest you buy from them here.

Have you tried any products from Amazon and found them useless (or at best a placebo effect)?

Please leave your comments below and I will get back to you!!.

William Ewing


  1. This post is an eye-opener for all those who believe there is simply nothing Amazon cannot supply. You hit on one of the few products they do not approve. However, Amazon is all about money and they will not let this money-making opportunity slip away to other retailers for very much longer. Once the USA follows Canada and goes into full cannabis legalization, the playing field will change.

    Currently, I do use cannabis oil and have done so since long before it was fully legalized in Canada. I was getting it legally by a doctor’s prescription, so I know full well the benefits of THC and CBD oils.

    I’m glad you have saved some consumers from buying a product that is not the real deal. Many people don’t fully understand what cannabis is all about just yet and can be easily fooled.

    This post gets a five-star rating from me.

    • I am glad to hear you’re not one of the ones getting fooled by Amazon!

      Why buy there,  when you can get the “real deal” online from companies like CBDPure. It is good to know you’re getting benefit from CBD. Keep spreading  the word!!

  2. Yes, I’ve read numerous articles on Amazon’s supposed CBD oil being nothing more than hemp than anything else. For those who are new to the CBD game, what are some of the signs that one can use to determine if a product is mainly hemp or if it’s actual legit CBD? How would you go about researching such a product?

    • Great question about how to tell if  what you are getting is legit CBD  oil! Look at the label–does it  say cannabidol?

      Another thing to consider is how transparent  the company is you’re buying from. Check the third party lab report (if there is one; all reputable companies have one) .Look for full spectrum, CO2 extraction, locally sourced ( in the US Colorado is good) organic CBD oil. Call their customer service  and ask them questions. These are all  indicators of a great product!!

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